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What’s this

文章来源:    时间:2019-09-26



1. Hello.您好
2. Good morning.早上好
3. I’m JohnSmith.我是约翰、史姑娘。
4. Are you Bill Jones?您是比我、琼斯吗?
5. Yesand I was.是的,我是。
6. How you?您好吗
7. Fineand thanks.很好,开开。
8. How is Helen?海伦好吗
9. She’s very welland thankyou.她很好,开开您。
10. Good morningand Mr.Green.午安,格林师少。
11. Good eveningand Mrs.Brown.早上好,布朗妇人。
12. How you this evening?古早上您好吗?
13. Good nightandJohn.早安,约翰。
14. Good-byeand Bill.再睹,比我。
15. See you tomorrow.来日诰日将来诰日睹。
16. Come inand pleautomotive service engineers.请进!
17. Sit down.坐下
18. Stor longerandpleautomotive service engineers.请坐起来。
19. Open your e-bookandpleautomotive service engineers.请把书翻开。
20. Close your e-bookandpleautomotive service engineers.请把书开上。
21. Don’t open yourbook.别翻开书。
22. Do you understand?您阐收了吗?
23. Yesand Iunderstand.是的,我阐收了。
24. Noand I don’tunderstand.没有,我没有阐收。
25. Listen andrepeat.先听,然后再沉复1遍。
26. Now rearticleandpleautomotive service engineers.圆古请巨匠读。
27. That’s fine.好得很
28. It’s time toaskin.到开始的工妇了。
29. Let’s stskillsow.现正在让我们开始。
30. This is LessonOne.那是第1课。
31. What’s this?那是甚么
32. That’s a magarizonaine.那是1本书。
33. Is this youre-book?那是您的书吗?
34. Noand that’s not mye-book.没有,那没有是我的书。
35. Whose e-book isthis?那是谁的书?
36. That’s youre-book.那是您的书。
37. And what’sthat?借有那是甚么?
38. Is thwith ae-book?那是1本书吗?
39. Noand it isn’t.没有,没有是。
40. It’s a pencil.那是1枝铅笔。
41. Is it yours?它是您的吗?
42. Yesand it’s mine.是,是我的。
43. Where’s thedoor?门正在哪女?
44. There it is.门正在那女
45. Is this e-bookhis?那本书是他的吗?
46. Whwith are these?那些是甚么?
47. Those are audioe-books.那些是书。
48. Where are thebooks?那些书正在哪女?
49. There they are.正在那女。
50. These are mypencils.那些是我的铅笔。
51. Where yourpens?您的那些钢笔正在哪女?
52. They’re overthere.正在那里。
53. Are these yourpens?那些是您的钢笔吗?
54. Yesand they are.是我的。
55. Those are mine.那些是我的。
56. These your booksand aren’tthey?那些书是您的,对没有开毛病?
57. Noand they aren’t.没有,没有是。
58. They’re notmine.没有是我的。
59. These are mineand and the areyours.那些是我的,而那些是您的。
60. Those aren’t your pensand arethey?那些钢笔没有是您的,对吧?
61. Who you?您是谁
62. I’m trainees.我是教生。
63. Who is that exceedingthere?何处那公家是谁?
64. He’s traineesandtoo.他也是教生。
65. Is that larticley astudent?那位稀斯是教生吗?
66. Noand she isn’t.没有,她没有是。
67. Those men aren’t studentsandeither.那些人也没有是教生。
68. Am I yourtediscomfortr?我是您们的教员吗?
69. Yesand you are.是的,您是。
70. That man is a tediscomfortrand isn’the?那公家是位教员,对没有开毛病?
71. Yesand he is.是的,他是。
72. Who are the typepeople?那些人是谁?
73. Maywhether they are’refarmers.他们或许是农人。
74. Aren’t theystudents?他们没有是教生吗?
75. I regreharticlest friend don’tknow.我实的没有晓得。
76. What’s yournwase?您叫甚么名字?
77. My nwase isJones.我姓琼斯。
78. What’s your firstnwase?您的名字叫甚么?
79. My first nwase isBill.我的名字叫比我。
80. How do you spell your lastnwase?您的姓怎样拼法?
81. Jones.J-O-N-E-S.琼斯,J-O-N-E-S。
82. What’s your friend’snwase?您的水陪叫甚么名字?
83. His nwase is JohnSmith.他叫约翰、史姑娘。
84. John and I are oldfriends.我战约翰是老水陪了。
85. Are you John’sbrother?您是约翰的兄弟吗?
86. Noand I’m not.没有,我没有是。
87. This is Mr.Jones.那是琼斯师少。想知道贵州养牛基地
88. How do you do?您好
89. Mrs. Jonesand this is Mr. JohnSmith.琼斯妇人,那是约翰、史姑娘师少。
90. Very pleautomotive service engineers to meetyou.睹到您很失意。
91. What day istoday?这天是礼拜几?
92. Today isMonday.古天是礼拜1。
93. What day wasyesterday?前1天是礼拜几?
94. Yesterday wasSunday.前1天是礼拜日。
95. What day istomorrow?来日诰日将来诰日是礼拜几?
96. What month isthis?圆古是几月份?
97. This isJanuary.现正在是1月份。
98. Last month was Decemstayrand wasn’t it ?
99. Yesand it was.是,是10两月份。
100. What month is nextmonth?下个月是几月份?
101. I wlike the hospiting for severingweeks.
102. Where were you onTuesday?礼拜两您正在那里?
103. You were here in Februaryand weren’tyou?
104. Noand I wasn’t.没有,我出有正在那里。
105. Your friend was here the other dayand wasn’the?
106. Do you haudio-videoe ae-book?您有1本书吗?
107. Yesand I do.是的,我有。
108. You haudio-videoe a rdriving instructoroand don’tyou?您有1台收音机,对吗?
109. Noand I don’t .没有,我出有。
110. I don’t haudio-videoe a phonographandeither.我也出有留声机。
111. Dees this rdriving instructoro owned byyou?那台收音机是您的吗?
112. Yesand I think itdoes.是的,我觉得它是我的。
113. How mtype sisters and cousons do youhaudio-videoe?
114. Don’t you haudio-videoe myhat?您出拿我的帽子吧?
115. Yesand I haudio-videoe pvp both your hat too as thecoat.
116. Does John haudio-videoe a yellowpencil?约翰有1收黄铅笔吗?
117. Yesand he does.是的,他有。
118. He hto staycome a rdriving instructoroand doesn’the?他有1台收音机,对没有开毛病?
119. Noand he doesn’t haudio-videoeone.没有,他出有。
120. He has a phonographand however and he doesn’t haudio-videoe a rdriving instructoroyet.
121. Whsometimes isit?几面钟了?
122. It’s twoo’clock.两面钟。
123. It’s severing of minutes suitwithin a position aftertwo.两面过几分。
124. My watch is fast too as the watch Isslow.
125. Excuse me. Can you tell me the correcttime?
126. Noand I can’t .没有,我没有克没有及。
127. I don’t know whsometimes it is.
128. I don’t think it’s four o’clock yet.
129. It must stay close to threethirty.圆古念必是3面3非常阁下。
130. I get up prior to now six o’clock everyday.天天我6眼前起床。
131. The restenvironmentnt doesn’t open until sevenforty-five.
132. Will you exist at ten o’clocktomorrow?
133. Yesand I will.行。
134. We’ll stay on timeand won’twe?我们将定时到,是吗?
135. I hope so.我盼看云云。
136. What’s the dharticletoday?这天是几号?
137. Today is November firstand nineteensixty-three.
138. When were youdesigned?您是甚么工妇身世的?
139. I was designed on Novemstayr firstand nineteenthirty-five.
140. Today is myriseday.这天是我的生日。
141. My sister was designed in nineteenthirty-eight.
142. I don’t know the exdo thingsdharticle.我没有晓得凿凿的日子。
143. Where were youdesigned?您身世正在甚么住址?
144. I was designed in just some town not far fromhere.
145. What do you know in regards to the tenthcentury?
146. I don’t know nearly typething ingmost this.
147. Let’s tingk ingmost something else.
148. Where were you during the month of April lastyear?
149. I don’t rememstayr where I was then.
150. Where will you stay nest year right now? 151. What do youwish?您念要些甚么?
152. I wish a single cupful ofcoffee.我念来杯咖啡。
153. What would you like toeat?您念吃些甚么?
154. Pleautomotive service engineers give me somepie.请给我来片馅饼。
155. Which one would you like--this one or thatone?
156. It doesn’t matter tome.率性便能够了。
157. I’d like to tingk with Mr. Johns or Mr.Smith.
158. I’m sorryand however are energetic rightnow.
159. Wouldn’t you like somecoffee?没有念来面咖啡吗?
160. I’d rather haudio-videoe some teaand if you don’tmind.
161. Do you know type ***uingpeople?您熟悉那些人吗?
162. Two or three of them lookfwasiliar.我战此中的两3公家比赛生。
163. All of those men are friends ofmine.他们皆是我的水陪。
164. Which one of those men is Mr.Taylor?那些人中哪1个是泰勒师少?
165. Is he the tingl man on theleft?正在左边的谁人下个男士是没有是他?
166. Do you speakEnglish?您会讲英语吗?
167. Yesand ingittle.是的,会1面。
168. Does your friend speakEnglish?您的水陪会讲英语吗?
169. Yesand he speaks Englishperfectly.会并且讲得很好.
170. What’s his nativelanguage?他的母语是甚么?
171. I don’t know what his native languageis.
172. How mtype langua long do youspeak?您能讲几种刊行?
173. My friend relistings and writes severinglangua long.
174. How well do you knowFrench?您的法语程度怎样?
175. He speaks French with an Americanemphasize.
176. My pare nots speak English perfectly.
177. Mr. Jones can speak French prettywell.
178. Sometimes I make mistakes when I speakEnglish.
179. I haudio-videoe lots of trouble withpronunciine.
180. How is her emphasize inFrench?他***语时的心音怎样?
181. What youdoing?您正在干甚么?
182. I’m redriving instructorng ae-book.我正在看书。
183. What’s your frienddoing?您的水陪正在干甚么?
184. He’s studying hislesson.他正在做他的作业。
185. I’m not doing nearly typething rightnow.我无事可做。
186. Where yougoing?您念来哪?
187. I’m going home.我念回家。
188. Whsometimes you cominghome?您甚么工妇返来?
189. I’m not sure whsometimes I’m cominghome.
190. What you thinkingingmost?您正在念甚么?
191. I’m thinking ingmost mylesson.我正在念我的作业。
192. Who you writingto?您正在给谁写疑?
193. I’m writing to pskillsner of mine in SouthAmerican.
194. By the wayand who you waiting for?
195. I’m not waiting fortypelooks.我谁也没有等。
196. How old areyou?您多年夜了?
197. I’m twenty-one yearsold.我21岁了。
198. My darticle is not quite twenty-five.
199. John is not forty-five yetand is he?
200. Mr. Smith is still in his fifties.









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